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One of the traditions of the Katori Nation is to have the dads and children pick “tribe” names.  These are also referred to as princess names or guide names.  Most names chosen contain a reference to animals or nature, as well as a bit of whimsy.  While we normally refer to each other using our regular first names, in some of the ceremonies and other events, we introduce ourselves using our tribe names.  Each dad and child pick their own names.  While not required, many dads and kids have chosen “coordinating” names.

You may come across names such as Sparkling Unicorn, Flying Gerbil, Disco Duck, Little Bear, Limping Beaver, Howling Coyote, Shimmering Snowflake, Fuzzy Mantis, Prancing Zebra… the list goes on.

Is it weird?  Yes, yes it is.  However, your kids will love it, and the whole point of this program is the enrichment and entertainment of your kids, even if you choose to call yourself Snoring Goat Blossom or Buffalo Toenails.