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Tent camping refers to the campouts where we go and pitch a tent.  This is most often done in state parks, although some tent camps are at commercial camping areas.  The most obvious difference between this and cabin camping is that you have to bring a tent and the other gear you need.

Tent camping in Katori Nation is also often referred to as “car camping” as opposed to “primitive camping.”  You do not have to lug a backpack and hike 10 miles to a campsite.  You park your car at a campsite and pitch your tent right next to it.  You bring your food with you and prepare it.  This can be sandwiches, campfire cuisine, or a casserole from your camp stove.  The parks we camp at usually have electricity and water at the site and restrooms within short walking distance.  After all, we’re taking kindergartners camping, not backpacking Yellowstone.