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The Trails program is part of Katori Nation, but is exclusively for older kids, grades 4-12.  The Trails gets to go to places and do activities that are not ideal for the younger kids in grades K-3.  Some of these activities include more rugged campouts to places like Enchanted Rock and special overnight stays in places like the USS Lexington and Battleship Texas.  The program is evolving, with events being added and removed based on interest and availability.  Regardless, the kids and dads involved in Trails get to enjoy some amazing experiences.

The Trails are also invited to all Guides and Princesses events.  Most kids involved in Trails grew up in Guides and Princesses, and their love for the campouts continues through high school.  While those campouts are designed to be accommodating to the younger participants, there are plenty of fun and challenging activities for the older kids to enjoy.