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Camping with Katori Nation is an amazing experience for dads and kids.  For starters, it is a chance for the kids to hang out with and get to know other kids their age.  For the dads, it is an opportunity to make friendships with other dads.  While we are all different, with different backgrounds, beliefs and philosophies, we all share something in common.  We all have the same focus on spending some time with our children in a fun and adventurous environment.

Depending upon the camp we go to, there are different activities.  Some of the tent camps have swimming, biking, hiking, boating and various types of nature exploration.  That said, one of our favorite tent camps takes place in a giant water park with pools and huge slides.  The cabin camps often include activities like horseback riding, archery, zip-line, giant swing, swimming, water slides, sports, crafts, and generally running around and being crazy.

Besides the camp activities, we also have some traditions that are special to our group.  During many of our camps we share a “council fire”, in which we get a chance to be silly, do some skits, sing some songs (zero talent required) and often roast some marshmallows.  We have some activities which teach the children to explore nature in a safe and respectful way.

More than anything, this program is about the kids and dads spending time together.  Whether it is riding a horse, learning to shoot an arrow, or simply sitting down for a meal, we do it as a group, but the dads and kids do it together.